Last day of January!

Yes! We are nearly out of dreary January, that ‘nothing time’ as described by C.S. Lewis. I know what he means. The anti-climax of the whole festive period, back to reality with a bump. Long dark days, drab weather…cold without the promise of snow. However, IF the weather guys are to be believed, we may have some ‘serious’ snow this weekend. I love the absurd terms weather-casters use these days…’quiet weather’, when was it noisy?

Anyway, trying to be pro-active. Thinking ahead, doing jobs.

Very carefully took down my treasured letter from Lynda La Plante tonight, photocopied and scanned it…phew! A big relief, especially as I had lost it for a while during the house move! Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a drop to…er…wrong saying!

Roll on February and if it snows, may it be 6ft deep so we all stay off the roads and snuggle at home! 😀

Lynda La Plante! Great writer, lovely lady, inspiration!

I always wanted to be a writer. Actually, I wanted to be an astronaut and a writer. Well, I still dream of space and stargaze, and I still write everyday and will this year fulfill my lifetime’s dream by being published.

In an attempt to understand the life of a writer, I did something rather foolish…

Over twenty years ago, I had the youthful audacity to write to Lynda La Plante, never daring that my letter would ever reach her, let alone actually be answered. But…like the classy lady she is, and the truly generous writer she is, she replied…in a personal handwritten note. What a thrill for a kid dreaming of one day becoming an author, to receive such a letter!

Well, here in all it’s glory, is my rather amateurish attempt at a questionnaire and the very honest and kind answers that Lynda La Plante gave! (Please ignore the childish handwriting…I was…er…a child!)

May it be an inspiration to all of you as it was to me! 

Thank you Lynda! xx 😀

P.S. Part 2 tomorrow.

Monday evenings!

Sooo tired from work. University Challenge earlier, is always a stalwart on a Monday. Only managed a paltry six answers tonight, brain frazzled – having said that, most of the questions I don’t understand!

Watching Miranda Hart & Bear Grylls slip and slide their way in the Swiss alps on the Discovery channel, while I’m adding detail to my illustrations. Wasn’t ‘in the mood’ at all yesterday but ended up doing a cracking drawing session on one of them! 🙂

But Monday evenings? …deary me.

At least tomorrow is one step nearer to reaching the ‘hump’ then it’s downhill to the weekend! 😀

Daily blog!

Tomorrow it may be back to the daily slog for us all, but today I’m happily fiddling with my daily blog!

Ummm…daily may be pushing it somewhat as I am staggered at my incompetency and tenacity, which I seem to have in equal measure! Yeap…a techno-idiot, but a tenacious one!

After spending, ahem, I won’t say how long deleting a load of stuff by accident, I have eventually managed to upload some content! Yeah!

This will be a slowwwwww process though…

Well, I’m being lazy this morning, for once. Sitting here still in bed, admiring the beautiful frozen view out of my window. The wild ducks are back and don’t seem to mind the frozen pond. Won’t let the dogs out quite yet! The trees are all full of little chirping birds that flit and dash past my window at alarming speed. Really pleased I filled the feeders yesterday, it’s mighty cold out there.

Listening to opera…ah, I wish Sundays would last longer!  🙂