Hello Universe!

Getting started on a new blog can be daunting…especially for a technophobe!

So here I am, plunging into the deep end and hoping I can swim! 😀


12 thoughts on “Hello Universe!

  1. You’ll be absolutely fine! I love this page 🙂

  2. Great title. The site is a pleasure to look at. Congratulations. I’m a novice and manage by tackling one challenge at a time.

    • Isn’t it tricky? Really, REALLY don’t know what I’m doing at the moment, but I figure if I continue randomly pressing buttons I might get something right! A kind of trial by error…literally! 😛

  3. Kate Jack says:

    Your blog will shine, just as you will x

  4. This is great…you’ll get the hang of it, it’s actually fun seeing it come together. Good Luck!!
    I’ve corrected the link on my website now, so it reflects this page. 🙂

  5. Briliant dragon, Sophie.

  6. Nice start! I love the the background.

    • Thanks Lisa! I’m pleased with how it looks so far…but am struggling somewhat to get it organised the way I want. Total techno-idiot here, but at least persistence should win out…I guess! 😀

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