Daily blog!

Tomorrow it may be back to the daily slog for us all, but today I’m happily fiddling with my daily blog!

Ummm…daily may be pushing it somewhat as I am staggered at my incompetency and tenacity, which I seem to have in equal measure! Yeap…a techno-idiot, but a tenacious one!

After spending, ahem, I won’t say how long deleting a load of stuff by accident, I have eventually managed to upload some content! Yeah!

This will be a slowwwwww process though…

Well, I’m being lazy this morning, for once. Sitting here still in bed, admiring the beautiful frozen view out of my window. The wild ducks are back and don’t seem to mind the frozen pond. Won’t let the dogs out quite yet! The trees are all full of little chirping birds that flit and dash past my window at alarming speed. Really pleased I filled the feeders yesterday, it’s mighty cold out there.

Listening to opera…ah, I wish Sundays would last longer!  🙂


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