Last day of January!

Yes! We are nearly out of dreary January, that ‘nothing time’ as described by C.S. Lewis. I know what he means. The anti-climax of the whole festive period, back to reality with a bump. Long dark days, drab weather…cold without the promise of snow. However, IF the weather guys are to be believed, we may have some ‘serious’ snow this weekend. I love the absurd terms weather-casters use these days…’quiet weather’, when was it noisy?

Anyway, trying to be pro-active. Thinking ahead, doing jobs.

Very carefully took down my treasured letter from Lynda La Plante tonight, photocopied and scanned it…phew! A big relief, especially as I had lost it for a while during the house move! Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a drop to…er…wrong saying!

Roll on February and if it snows, may it be 6ft deep so we all stay off the roads and snuggle at home! 😀

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