Lynda La Plante! Great writer, lovely lady, inspiration!

I always wanted to be a writer. Actually, I wanted to be an astronaut and a writer. Well, I still dream of space and stargaze, and I still write everyday and will this year fulfill my lifetime’s dream by being published.

In an attempt to understand the life of a writer, I did something rather foolish…

Over twenty years ago, I had the youthful audacity to write to Lynda La Plante, never daring that my letter would ever reach her, let alone actually be answered. But…like the classy lady she is, and the truly generous writer she is, she replied…in a personal handwritten note. What a thrill for a kid dreaming of one day becoming an author, to receive such a letter!

Well, here in all it’s glory, is my rather amateurish attempt at a questionnaire and the very honest and kind answers that Lynda La Plante gave! (Please ignore the childish handwriting…I was…er…a child!)

May it be an inspiration to all of you as it was to me! 

Thank you Lynda! xx 😀

P.S. Part 2 tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Lynda La Plante! Great writer, lovely lady, inspiration!

  1. Excellent questions. You lucky devil. Full time job, did that surprise you? And a most useful tip – the first draft – on a roll. I wished someone had told me this when I was young. I would have dared to write a novel much earlier.

    • Thanks Ashen! Yes, it is surprising just how long she works. I guess it’s different for every writer. Certainly I remember reading an article about Jilly Cooper, who by all acounts, has a rather sedate daily schedule! Lynda La Plante on the other hand is something of a work horse. I rather like that about her. That no matter how successful she is, she still CRAVES it, still wants to work, wants to push herself and write as much as she can. That’s a work ethic I’d love to emulate! 😀

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