Thought for a Wednesday – life lessons learnt.

Here’s a bit of personal philosophy.

So, what have I learnt from my 30 something years on this planet?

Some harsh life lessons, yes, and some gentler ones.

1)- Here’s an obvious and silly one to start. clichés are clichés for a reason, namely because there is some kernel of universal truth behind them. Think of the ones you heard from your mother as a child – ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ – truer for people than for books (I LOVE my new cover!), but an astute observation nonetheless. Don’t be fooled by pleasant appearances!

2)- Here’s one I try to live by. Allow yourself to be surprised everyday. EVERY day. No matter what it is, where you are, what you are doing – allow yourself to be surprised everyday. Life without spontaneity is really no life at all. Routines have their place, certainly, but life should never be rigid. We spend far too much of our lives as slaves to ‘The Great Watch’. Constantly checking the time, juggling a thousand things, trying to organise and make some order out of chaos. Allow yourself some breathing space, some time, allow yourself to be surprised even if it’s only by yourself. Remember, you don’t have to control everything, sometimes just letting go and letting things happen, messily, chaotically sometimes, can be the VERY best thing you can do.

Most importantly, for everyone, whatever your interests, whatever your circumstance…

3)- Find your passion. Simple, right? I’ll repeat that…FIND YOUR PASSION!

Again, whatever the shape of that passion, wherever it takes you…it is unique to you. It’s yours and nobody elses.

Life without passion, without that defining ‘thing’, is simply existing not living. It doesn’t matter if you discover your passion when you are nine or ninety. Find it, feed it & follow it! Life is too damn short to do anything else!


Lynda La Plante questionnaire, part II

Here is the second part of the questionnaire that I sent to Lynda La Plante as a kid. It is truly remarkable just how honest her answers are, and speaks volumes about the kind of person and author she is.

A real insight into the mind and working processes of one of the most acclaimed and successful authors of our generation.

An inspiration to me and many others. Thank you Lynda. xx