Lynda La Plante questionnaire, part II

Here is the second part of the questionnaire that I sent to Lynda La Plante as a kid. It is truly remarkable just how honest her answers are, and speaks volumes about the kind of person and author she is.

A real insight into the mind and working processes of one of the most acclaimed and successful authors of our generation.

An inspiration to me and many others. Thank you Lynda. xx

2 thoughts on “Lynda La Plante questionnaire, part II

  1. Very impressed by your questions. Would you ask different ones now?

    • Thank you Ashen! Gosh…yes, I think I would ask some different questions now.

      I was completely unaware of the whole journey & processes involved in getting a book published (I’m still not that clued up, but am trying to learn quickly!). I was under the impression that the hardest thing was actually writing the book. In actuality, it’s proven to be the easiest thing, it’s everything else that is so much more difficult. Editing, marketing, promotion, time managenent etc etc.

      I think I would want to know HOW she does it? How does she manage to juggle writing and all the issues that that entails, with having any semblance of a life! I don’t have the balance right at the moment!

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