The midnight owl here again!

Now, I’ve always been a night owl…

But why oh why, despite having a very full on and full time job, which starts at a ridiculously early hour, do I become most animated and most creative after the witching hour? It’s not that I’m unable to write earlier, but my best ideas and creative juices just go into hyper-drive once it’s stupidly late!

Despite my best efforts, I have at last accepted that it is physically impossible for me to go to bed before 1am, unless I am sick! Burning the candle at both ends, seems a permanent feature of my daily life. At least now I can manage 5 hours sleep, maybe 6 if I’m lucky, which is a lot better than the 4 hours I used to have!

Brain…let me sleep! Give me ideas to jot down while the sun’s still shining! Arghhh!

Off to scribble some more…nite nite! xx