The midnight owl here again!

Now, I’ve always been a night owl…

But why oh why, despite having a very full on and full time job, which starts at a ridiculously early hour, do I become most animated and most creative after the witching hour? It’s not that I’m unable to write earlier, but my best ideas and creative juices just go into hyper-drive once it’s stupidly late!

Despite my best efforts, I have at last accepted that it is physically impossible for me to go to bed before 1am, unless I am sick! Burning the candle at both ends, seems a permanent feature of my daily life. At least now I can manage 5 hours sleep, maybe 6 if I’m lucky, which is a lot better than the 4 hours I used to have!

Brain…let me sleep! Give me ideas to jot down while the sun’s still shining! Arghhh!

Off to scribble some more…nite nite! xx

6 thoughts on “The midnight owl here again!

  1. I’m the just the same, I’m sat here now at 1am and I know if I go to bed now I’ll just lie awake for hours! Crazy!!

    • Lol! Yes, isn’t it crazy? Why do we do it to ourselves?

      We should be snuggling into bed at a reasonable time so we’re fresh for the next day, instead of dragging our carcasses into work like we’re the living dead! 😀

  2. Giles Diggle says:

    You are lucky to be able to be creative that late in the day – it means you can hang onto your day job as long as you need it. You have the best of both worlds – as long as you get enough sleep so both ends of your candle don’t melt too quickly! Nurture both.

    I am a daytime writer and that was not good while I was in full-time work. It led to a 20 year break from writing.

    Keep at it Sophie!

    • Oh thank you Giles! Yes, that’s the trick isn’t it? Not to burn the candle at both ends too much. Not sure I have the balance quite right yet, tend to go to bed so stupidly late that I’m utterly shattered in the morning! But hey-ho, have to scribble while the ideas flow, right? 😀

      Thanks sweetie, give my love to Carol too. xx

  3. Kate Jack says:

    It’s the same with me, all my best ideas come at night and keep me wide awake.

    • It’s strange isn’t it? Why should the time of day or night affect our creativity? Someone should do a study on it! But yes, just as I’m ready at last to curl up, I suddenly get struck with a flurry of great ideas that I just have to scribble down! ;D

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