That Friday feeling!

The glorious weekend is here again. Yeah!

Why do we all live for those two little days, when they fly by so fast and we never achieve even a fraction of the list of things we want to? Nevertheless, I certainly disproportionately look forward to my weekends. That feeling of NOT setting the alarm…bliss! Of sinking into a bath without watching the clock, the happiness of shuffling around in slippers and wearing jeans or joggy bottoms instead of work clothes, or letting your hair go wild and dirty for the whole weekend. Ah! Slouching is great…! 😛

So, apart from DIY, much needed at the new house, this weekend is packed as usual.

Got to continue illustrations for White Mountain, the publishers are being patient as we’re in the copy-edit stage, but I do need to crack on with them. Very laborious to do as they’re rather detailed ink drawings but still great fun! Got to continue writing Book 2, ‘Darkling Rise’ – very much in its infancy but starting to shape up nicely. Have naturally got a ton of work from…er…work, marking, planning, all very dull. Also work related, but more fun, I’ve got to write a Year One Play! Only a few weeks to go to do rehearsals, costumes, scenery, lighting, props etc and haven’t started yet! So, will I get it all done? Er…probably not!

Looking forward to snow too, if we get it! 😀

4 thoughts on “That Friday feeling!

  1. I would like snow too, despite the hard work it brings! Nothing yet the sky is full of stars at the moment, but it’s icy cold out there 🙂

    • Yeap, just had a few very feeble flakes waft down and that’s it. Just very cold and drab. If your gonna have low temperatures like this, you at least want the pleasure of it snowing and looking pretty! 🙂

  2. Kate Jack says:

    Sophie, you need a PA.

    • Lol! You are SO right. Just never enough hours in the day!

      HUGE congrats again, honey, your series of interviews is simply wonderful! Terrific blog sweetie. I look forward to the next round…do you think you could hook the VC? 😀

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