Monday madness!

Well, it is true what they say…never eat cheese late at night and never work just before bed.

Having been somewhat of a snotty flu-ridden mess yesterday, in celebration of finishing my play in a day, I decided to do some serious writing.

Staying in bed for most of the day, watching the dogs play wildly outside while the buzzards enjoyed swooping on them, a tantalising display of ‘Catch me if you can!’, I completed my Year One play – full of silly skits and cheesy jokes, then proceeded to do more work on Book 2.

Oh dear! What a mistake! Got so wrapped up in what I was writing, I didn’t stop til nearly 2am, then, of course, couldn’t sleep and had some alarming dreams when I did! What an idiot? Think I dropped off somewhere after 3 before the alarm went at 6:20!

Seriously, MUST try and write earlier in the evening! Why oh why does inspiration have to strike at such ridiculous hours?

To all fellow insomniacs, I wish you a goodnight’s sleep! 😀