When the writing flow is inter…upted!

Have been having somewhat of a creative flourish the last few days. Great for me, terrible for everyone else, as I’ve been wandering around in a daze, muttering to myself and not listening to anyone – just a lot of nodding, saying yes and monosyllabic grunting!¬†Amazingly…I still have friends and family who put up with me.

Anyway, while I’ve been in my bubble. One fundamental truth hit me – that so much of what we attribute to writer’s block is caused by our having to go to the toilet! Our bladders are to blame for everything!

So I’m writing away furiously, often having to switch from the narrative to scribbling shorthand passages or key lines down so I don’t forget, before jumping back in. Inevitably, the lavatory beckons (don’t worry folks, no details here, it’s not that kind of blog!). So, you put it off and put it off, until you absolutely cannot go on. You are naturally reluctant because you are ‘in the zone’. The magic is flowing and so are the words, just tumbling onto the page in a frenetic even frenzied way.

You return, try to focus, to recapture that ‘thing’, that magic…but can you? No. You can force it of course, write a load of rubbish you only have to go back and delete later. You try again and again to get back to where you were, when your fingers couldn’t write quick enough and you stumbled over passages in your haste to get to the next scene. But no. The scene has stopped in your head. Your writing is now self-conscious, your word choices too deliberate.

The magic has gone.

Arghhhhh! Damn you bladder!

19 pages this morning, on a real roll and then…the toliet reared its ugly head! Oh dear! ūüė¶