No alarm.

Away from the stresses of work.

Time for a breather… 

Lazing in bed til a ridiculous time…

Watching my doggies play in the garden, and the sheep in the fields behind, and the buzzard as it swoops over the pond where the moorhens live.

Just listening to birdsong fill the garden. Perfect.


Life can be damn hard…but sometimes, just sometimes…it can be great!

Having a perfect day, hope you all are too! 😀

4 thoughts on “Ah…Saturdays!

  1. Hope the weekend is a peaceful.
    No sheep or dogs here, just CATS!!!! Our ‘bug detectors and eliminators’ ;-P
    Trying to edit…just isn’t happening…
    I’ll worry about that tomorrow (I hear Miss Scarlet’s voice) 🙂

    • Ah yes…the call of tomorrow…why do today when there is always tomorrow! Weekends, despite the amount we try to cram in, should be relaxed and a much needed ‘Time out’ from the normal stresses of life! Rollon the next one…er…oh, it’s here already! 😛

  2. Your friends are adorable 🙂

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