Distillations on Silence

Throbbing of swollen ears,

Glass coated larynx.

The mirror only tells one truth,

The hollow space in front,

Not the deadness inside.

Whiskey breath,

Clots of blood beneath your eye lids.

That last shot of poison did the trick.

Innocuous sounds from the television drift into the room.

Life continues outside,




The central heating clicks off

And so do you

…down to the very last drop.

Sophie E Tallis © 1996

4 thoughts on “Distillations on Silence

  1. EXCELLENT! Sounds similar to something I wrote years ago. 😉

    • Thanks honey! Yes, I first aired this on ukauthors.com, really must go back there one day…

      I guess I like my poetry to be like my chocolate, dark and with a bitter edge! 😀

  2. Love it. Subtle. Disturbing

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