When the Griffin met the Dragon – My second interview!

My second in-depth interview! Woo-and Hoo!

(Yes, it is strange that this and Tricia’s blog came out on the same day, but you know…life IS strange and wonderful and bizarre!)

A few weeks ago I was thrilled and VERY humbled to be approached by the multi-talented, Ryan Holmes – a fellow fantasy writer, a skilled ‘Quiz Master General’, blogger extraordinaire and all round lovely guy.

Oh…did I mention that he also has my dream job?

He works for…(drum roll please)…NASA!

Ryan Holmes is also the creator of Griffin’s Quill, a fantastic website “created by authors for authors and their readership.”

Not only does it feature Ryan’s own writing, ‘Dawn of Resurgence’, but it is also dedicated to encouraging and nurturing new writing talent.

A great place and a real haven for writing and writers in general – highly recommended!

Well, over the course of the last few weeks I’ve had an absolute blast, as Ryan has well and truly quizzed me over my reasons for writing and my debut novel, ‘White Mountain’, Book 1 of ‘The Darkling Chronicles’ – published by Safkhet Publishing 30th September 2012.

Massive thanks to Ryan Holmes for all his incredible hard work and for making the interview so much fun! Check out the results here:


Griffin’s Quill: http://griffinsquill.com/


P.S. I still want to join NASA!

14 thoughts on “When the Griffin met the Dragon – My second interview!

  1. The interview was exceptional, the site is amazing and I totally agree, Ryan is ‘one of a kind’. Come join the site my friend, and share your knowledge and experience, we could ALL benefit from it. 😉

  2. Ryan Holmes says:

    I’m really blown away, Sophie, that you enjoyed the interview and Griffin’s Quill enough to write this article. You make my soul sing when you say such lovely things. Thank you!

    • Of course, Ryan! I know I have a natural propensity to be gushy, but I never say things I don’t mean and I really had such a wonderful time doing the interview.

      It was an honour to be included on Griffin’s Quill, obviously you have impeccable taste! 😀

      Your questions were inspired – the right balance of cheeky probing, delving deeper and connecting common experiences. So many of us writers share familiar problems when world building, that it’s essential to share our experiences and help each other along! Well done to you!

  3. So I make up a new WordPress account, now I can ‘Like’ posts, but blocked on comments………….see if this works!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OK, it did, now back to correct Ryan’s site :-/

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