The Silver Chalice

A slip of silver,

A glint of light,

Dancing under ferns and shadows,

Flowing water bright.

I hear its murmur,

A passing whisper of times gone by,

Halcyon days of sunshine and meadow dew,

Music amongst the grasses high.

Nevermore will the magic fall

In darkling woods and hidden dells

As steel and concrete cover all,

Only my longing heart will tell…

…the wonders that were lost.

© Sophie E Tallis   2012

10 thoughts on “The Silver Chalice

  1. Kate Jack says:

    How very beautiful, Sophie. x 😀

  2. Hauntingly beautiful, a lovely poem Sophie 😀

  3. Ryan Holmes says:

    A Halcyon usage (love that word) and a nevermore reference placed in a poem about death. Very clever.

    • Thank you, Ryan! That’s what I LOVE about poetry, there are so many different layers of meaning and ways of interpreting them, you get something new everytime you read one…just my poetic heart I guess! 😀

  4. DM Yates says:

    Very lovely, and I liked the meaning behind it, fellow poet. Your new friend from the Follow Party, following by RSS feed.

  5. Sophie, such a beautiful poem and imagery exploring the fragile balance between the natural world and its relentless consumption by man. Thank you for sharing. Paul x

    • Very much my pleasure honey. It sounds such an absurdly simple statement, but I love nature and the deep richness of greens. Everything about the colour green is vibrant and life affirming, the exact oppposite of the grey concrete blandness of cityscapes. 😀

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