Injustice for all? Why does dead wood float?

Listening to a friend recently, as we both collectively joined others in having a damn good moan, the phrase ‘dead wood floats’ was mentioned. It occurred to me, as we all groaned and agreed, that we have in this country such a skewed system of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ and that the reason the gap between these polar opposites keeps growing, is that we applaud and even reward failure!

Look at the bankers and banking system. Take the former head honcho of Barclay’s, a man who looked the part, talked the talk, great ‘front of house’, could charm and smarm his way into any boardroom, a man of power and charisma who abused that power dreadfully, took everyone for a ride…looks like he’s going to be given an enormous golden handshake for failing in his job, in addition to his multi-million pound salary!

Words fail.

In such an unfair world, where dead wood floats to the top, while the rest of us work our fingers to the bone for a crumb at the master’s table, all we can do is continue to hope and dream and make our own worlds as beautiful as possible!


8 thoughts on “Injustice for all? Why does dead wood float?

  1. DM Yates says:

    And that’s the key. make our own worlds beautiful.

  2. Kate Jack says:

    What you say is so true, us Brits seem to have “walk all over me” syndrome.

    • Don’t we just? I know, there is something almost inherent in us, maybe a throw back to our old class system or how utterly battered we were after the second world war, but as a culture, there is a lack of confidence. We do allow others to completely trample over us, and usually these bullying people are by nature vastly inferior as all bullies are, either in intellect or simply as decent human beings! Go figure! 🙂

  3. Yes, dead wood does float, and another cute saying is that the crap rolls down hill. So indicative of society. =D
    Driftwood makes lovely beach house scuptures, and fertilizer is best for growing gardens. Look on the bright side!
    But then again, a pesimist is was what an optimist calls a realist, and we might all just be shoveling crap. I don’t have a green thumb of any kind.
    I would say “food for thought” but I really don’t wanna eat that. =P

    • 😀
      Lol! I guess it’s just the cycle of things…If we were Buddhists then maybe we’d take solace in the thought that these inept individuals would be reincarnated as insects for US step upon for a change!

      I guess the best you can really do, is be thankful that you’re you and NOT them, i.e. a much nicer, more complete, more talented, more caring human being. For all the money or status they may think they have, they’re not a patch on us as human beings, no bullies are – by their nature, they are inadequate! 😀

  4. neupete says:

    Wonderful writing and comments, Sophie. I put a link onto my WP site for my Hong Kong ESL students. It’s connected to a facebook blog site, with about 800 “friends” who (occasionally) read things from their English teacher (me).

    • Thanks, neupete, very kind of you. Your students sound fun. As a teacher myself, I love listening to my pupils take on life. Of course, as they’re only 5 and 6yrs old, they see the world in rather simpler terms!
      But yes, just some observations. There is such a huge amount of discrepancy between those that ‘have’ and those that ‘have not’, and the gap keeps widening. At the end of the day, it is up to us as individuals to try and change the system but also to make our own worlds as equitable and as beautiful as we can! Positive thinking, eh? 😀

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