Weather for ducks and Waterstones!

Alright, I admit that I’m a very lucky girl. Despite living in the rain-soaked capital of the world, otherwise known as the UK, I have a lovely garden that I just adore in all weathers and great family and friends.

Whilst, like the rest of us, I do get utterly fed up with the constant grey skies and incessant rain in what should be our summer, that eagerly awaited and precious window of time when life takes on a wonderful rhythm of its own, hazy lazy summer days. How we all long for sunshine and cerulean above, those halcyon days of our youth when we ran around in jean shorts and bare feet and our skin was naturally bronzed and flecked with sun-kissed freckles. How bitterly disappointed we are by yet another wash out, our fifth wet summer in a row…but, as with all things, there is always a silver edge to that rain cloud.

Peering out across the garden, which resembles a marshy pond at the moment, as yet another violent cloud burst overhead, what did I see waddling towards me? A beautiful wild duck followed in close procession by her equally gorgeous and rather large ducklings! We’d noticed over the past few weeks that the mallard ducks we have flying in from time to time, has lessened, but in their place was one constant rather nervous female. Two months ago, to our utter delight, we discovered why she was so nervous when we saw the fluffy little humbugs tumbling behind her! Seems my love of nature has paid off, all my bird feeders have attracted some rather larger visitors.

Now, as part of our daily routine we go out to the feeders, with Mrs Duck and her brood patiently waiting, and to the soft gabbled sound of quacking, we fill the feeders and sprinkle some on the ground. Breakfast for ducks!

Anyway, today was no exception, except that it was special for one reason…with a break from my job and time to breathe, between the chaos of building work, I found myself looking at two lovely Waterstones emails. Wow! This rollercoaster of a ride to publication doesn’t stop! I cannot describe the feeling…I have two signing dates! My very first signing dates!

After years of quietly writing and writing and dreaming…my dreams are finally coming true. So yes, a huge amount of hard work has gone into getting me in this position, but nonetheless…whether it rains or shines this summer, I count myself as a very lucky girl!


16 thoughts on “Weather for ducks and Waterstones!

  1. Oh wow Sophie!!! Very very excited for you! What a thrill getting those emails! I bet you exploded with excitement!! I’m so proud of you too, you will have to let us know where and when in case you’re anywhere I can get to come and see you!! 😀

    • Oh thank you, Linds! Yes, the first one I couldn’t stop yelping and shouting “Holy crap Batman!” around the house, the builders must have thought I’d lost it, then the second sent me running…er….well, squelching around the garden! So happy! 😀 xx

  2. tricia says:

    That’s great news, Sophie. You deserve it!

  3. How wonderful Sophie – enjoy the excitement. You deserve it though:)

    • Oh, thanks Rose! You are a sweetie! Yes, I’m stupidly excited at the moment and have bouncing around like a demented bunny!

      BTW can I ask how the house move has gone? Utter chaos or organised bliss? Really hoping it was the latter, honey. 😀 xx

  4. Paul freeman says:

    A great moment, you will always remember. Enjoy it!

  5. Paul freeman says:

    Then there’s the ducks! 😀

    • Ah yes, the gorgeous duckies! They’ve had their breakfast this morning. Mum is still cautious but the kids are so tame now that they come right up to me and the dogs quacking away! 🙂

  6. You’re lucky indeed to have a duck family befriend you. I tamed a blackbird family – could watch their habits forever. And congratulations, good luck with your signings. I’ve got a lot to deal with at the moment, otherwise I’d make the effort to your area. Keep us updated as to the stores you’ll do signing at.

    • Thanks Ashen, that’s really sweet of you. Yes, we’ve were told when we bought the place about a family of morrhens who live and breed permanently here and they’re on their second brood now, but having Mrs Duck too…the place is resembling a nursery!

      Yes, I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on stores. Sorry honey, you sound like you’ve got your hands full…anything I can help with? I’m great at advice, as long as it isn’t trying to solve my own problems. Let me know if I can help, sweetie. Take care, okay? 🙂 xx

  7. Cherry says:

    Yay Sophie, feel very happy for you both on the book and duck front!

    • HUGE thank you, Cherry, that’s so sweet of you! Yes, I’m stupidly excited at the moment…have five signings now, so far and have been jumping up and down like a demented rabbit! Thanks honey, hope you’re having a great holiday despite the weather!

      Soph 😀 xx

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