Blog Awards! The techno-idiot gets two nominations!


Every time I think my IT skills are improving, something happens that reminds me of just what a techno-idiot I am.

I was very VERY kindly nominated by the lovely Kay Kauffman for the Sunshine Blogger Award. What a wonderfully kind and lovely thing to do! I was thrilled that Kay had been nominated and had then nominated me.

BUT, it was only today after being nominated for another blog award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award, by the equally lovely and kind Lindsey Parsons, that the penny finally dropped.

D’uh! You are supposed to answers questions and nominate fellow bloggers!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to Kay Kauffman. I’m utterly thrilled and rather humbled! 😀 xx

Here is Kay’s blog – a wonderful mixture of poetry, short stories and musings on life. Highly recommended!

So, here are the rules for all those that get nominated:


  • Link the award to the person who gave it to me.
  • Answer questions about myself – see below.
  • Nominate ten bloggers for the award.
  • Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.


1.What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Although I am a complete film nut, I’m one of those people that loves obscure films and remembers things like directors, release dates, every actors’ name…ummm I’m really sounding like a nut here, but I’m not big on Christmas films. I guess I don’t like anything ‘designed’ to illicit a certain response, which holiday films invariably do. It’s the freak in me that likes to push my own buttons rather than have someone else contrive to do it. So, my choices are remarkably narrow. I’d probably go for either Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, or something wonderfully daft like Trading Places and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (yes, I know it’s not a Christmas movie, but it’s SUCH fun!). 😀

2.What is your favorite flower?
I love white flowers, the purity and simplicity of them. Daisies, lilies, tulips, anemones…but my favourite are poppies. Poppies are such delicate papery flowers yet they have such a vivacity about them. They herald the coming of summer and warm hazy lazy days. I love red poppies, but white and Himalayan blue poppies are my very favourite!

3.What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

I drink lots of milk. My favourite drink is a toss up between Shloer, Elderflower cordial or my own kick-ass homemade lemonade. The secret is a squeeze of lime! 😉 Do love a good hot chocolate though.

4.What is your passion?
Writing, writing, writing. Other than that, my problem is that I have too many passions really. I love drawing, painting, sculpture and photography – creating something special from a blank canvas, lump of clay or camera lens. For me, being creative is as important as eating and breathing…two things I’m rather fond of! 😉

5.What is your favorite time of year?
Definitely summer…the promise of warmth. I love all the seasons, though Autumn has always meant ‘spider season’ and ‘school’ and another birthday coming round. Spring is a wondrously rejuvenating time of year but so often drenched in rain. I love the quiet peace and stillness of winter, but nothing compares to those precious few days of the year where you can lie on the grass under cerulean skies and feel the sun on your face! Bliss! Summer means adventure and possibilities…

6.What is your favorite time of day?

That’s easy to answer – night owl here! Daytime is for work, job, stresses of life. I love the night, when everyone is asleep and the world is quiet. Those magical few hours of stillness, with nothing but the soft night breeze and a halo of stars drifting above you…that’s when the magic truly happens!

7.What is your favorite physical activity?

Lol! Ummm…I could have been naughty there! I love walking especially in wild places. The wilder the better. The countryside, especially the remoter parts of it, hold such a mystery to me. There is nothing better than climbing a hill or mountain or tor and viewing nature at its best. Very humbling and deeply profound.

8.What is your favorite vacation?

I love Italy. The culture, the history, the people, the food, everything about it. I’ve been about four times now and it is such a special place. I love Rome but Tuscany, Umbria and Florence is my favourite. The art galleries alone are intoxicating. But, more than anywhere I’ve ever travelled to, New Zealand will still always be my favourite. If it is possible to have a ‘soul connection’ to a place, then New Zealand is it. Astounding, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, humbling, unforgettable. Back in the winter (their summer) of 1997/98 I spent four months travelling around the North and South Island having adventures and awakening my senses. A real odyssey and life-changing experience. They filmed Lord Of The Rings there for a reason, the place is simply magical! Ahhhh… 😀


Right, very difficult to choose just ten, but here are my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award  (in no order) :

1. Morgen Bailey

2. Lindsey J Parsons

3. Ryan Holmes (Griffin’s Quill)

4. Ashen Venema (Course of Mirrors)

5. Will MacMillan Jones

6. Mandy Ward (Welcome to Wherever)

7. Fantasy In Motion

8. Andy Szpuk

9.That Fantasy Blog

10. Fabulous Realms

I would like to mention the wonderful blogs of Katrina Jack , Tricia Drammeh, A.F.E. Smith and Emily McKeon but I’m trying not to mention those which Kay already nominated. 😀 xx


13 thoughts on “Blog Awards! The techno-idiot gets two nominations!

  1. Congratulations you are such a lovely, sunshiney person, you really deserve this award!!
    And Wow!! Thank you Sophie for nominating me, that’s really lovely of you!! I feel a little choked and flattered!
    I think I definitely fit into the techno-idiot category though, I seem incapable of avoiding making the silliest of mistakes!! We probably are related in some mystical way, I love the night-time and your home made lemonade sounds really good, one of my favourite kinds of drink too!! 😀

    • Lol! What did I say? A sister by another mother! 😀

      You are MOST welcome honey. Seriously, I love your Dragon’s Breath blog. It’s always insightful and entertaining…just like its creator! 😀 xx

  2. Ryan Holmes says:

    Congrats, Sophie, and thank you for nominating my little website. Kay picked well when she added you to her roster. Your blog can brighten the soggiest of days. Where did you get the questions? I’ve seen various versions.

    • Ah, thank you, Ryan! That’s incredibly kind of you. 😀

      Lol, not sure I’d ever describe your website as ‘little’. Inspirational, yes, intelligent, artistic, eloquent and damn fun, hell yes! Griffin’s Quill is jam packed with tasty morsels for readers and writers alike and is a great haven for us dysfunctional creative types to hang out! 😛

      I got the questions from Kay Kauffman.

  3. Thanks guys for all your continued support, I genuinely can’t express how much it means to me! I’ll have to stop now…getting a little misty eyed. Thank you. 😀 xx

  4. Sunshine, very welcome. Thanks 🙂 Sophie. I must confess, apart from being another techno-fool, I’m presently shy of rewards that come with rules and hesitate to hand them on to so many folks. That said, I’am enormously impressed by the gust with which you embraced the challenge, Sophie. Such fun to read about your favourite things in life. I’m going to be abroad for a week or two, family stuff to sort, but am looking forward to exploring the sunshine nominees here. Some names ring warm and familiar.

    • 😀 Well honey, the feeling is mutual. I find your blog and your words of wisdom quite an intoxicating oasis in the mire of internet content. Always thought provoking, eloquent and inspiring, just like you. Good luck with your family stuff honey and remember, you have lots of friends here, even if we are on the other end of a computer screen! 😀 xx

  5. mandyeward says:

    Thank you so much for nominating “Welcome to Wherever” Webzine for this award! As the one man band that runs the webzine, I appreciate it – I never know if anyone is reading what I publish!

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