Roll up, roll up, hear all about it!

Well I’m thrilled to bits to say that I’ve been interviewed and I’ve actually got an article about my book and my writing + a photo, in three local newspapers, The Gloucester Gazette, Thornbury Gazette and Dursley Gazette!

Okay…I’m not exactly one for loving photos of myself, but to be in the newspapers is FANTASTIC!!!!!

A HUGE thank you to reporter, Daniel Chipperfield, for interviewing me.

Also a MASSIVE thank you to Candia McKormack for including my book launch and signing event in the listings for the October issue of the Cotswold Life magazine! A real thrill to be in SUCH a prestigious publication! Thank you!

😀 xx

6 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up, hear all about it!

  1. Wow! Massive congrats Sophie!!! 😀

    • Sophie E Tallis says:

      Thank you honey! Weird, eh? I know it’s only local newspapers, but it’s still really weird seeing yourself in print! 😛 xx

  2. Cherry says:

    Well done you, much deserved:)

  3. Debbie Young says:

    Wow, that’s impressive – well done! Local press is a great starting point!

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