Sold out – Magical days are made of this!

Well, it’s taken me three days to fully recover enough to string a coherent sentence together.

Without meaning to sound too OTT, Saturday was truly was one of the best days of my life! …My very first book signing and launch in the lovely Octavia’s Bookshop in Cirencester.

So, what was it like?

Nerve wracking, incredible stressful, tense and hard…but also totally amazing, wonderful, inspiring and unforgettable. Octavia Karavla who owns Octavia’s Bookshop, couldn’t have been kinder or more welcoming and even bought me lunch.

Despite some hiccups, the day really couldn’t have gone better. A heavy stream of eager customers jostled into the shop (very heavy ‘footfall’ apparently), some I knew from teaching, some were supportive friends and family and others were total strangers. Such a thrilling feeling, signing books for people and asking what inscription they’d like inside, but also so surreal! This was me, little old me sitting here like a real author..totally unreal.

One little girl I knew well, asked why I was doing this, did I want to be famous?

I laughed. I tried to explain that I simply had always wanted to be a writer, that that was what I had dreamed about since I was a child and as I said the words I couldn’t help smiling. Good days or bad, troubles and strifes, life’s little bumps and catastrophes really didn’t matter anymore.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve had a tougher life than many and wouldn’t have wished the troubles I’ve lived through on anyone. But you know what? …it has brought me to this point. I wouldn’t be here, on this strange and wonderful journey without having had the dramas and traumas.

Perhaps you need the angsts? Perhaps it’s those angsts which fuel you creatively?

In any case, Saturday’s book launch and signing was a HUGE success and to my utter delight – we SOLD OUT!!!!

Every single book was sold in just over the first hour and Octavia then had to take names, addresses and orders for more! SO thrilled! White Mountain – Book 1 of The Darkling Chronicles, was a smash!!!!

Luckily I had a spare copy to show customers what the book looks like and I had a selection of my illustrations to cover the table…which were a great point of interest for browsing shoppers, but what a day?!

Pinching myself quite severely.

It’s just that having spent so many years creating and writing my fantasy epic and the world it inhabits, I now find I’m living in a bit of a fantasy myself. Nothing feels quite real. I’m sure reality will come crashing down around me and I’ll come back to earth with a bump at any moment…but for now, I’m happy to float around for a while!

😀 xx

(Try to ignore the half eaten hot dog on the table…I should have hidden that away! :P)

10 thoughts on “Sold out – Magical days are made of this!

  1. Keep floating Sophie!! You deserve every minute of it and long may it last!! 😀

    • Lol! Bless you sweetie! Well, I’m not expecting it to last so I’m taking it all in and savouring the moment. Thank you SO SO much for all your support and friendship. It was amazing meeting you and having you there…really made it such a special day! 😀 xx

  2. Kate Jack says:

    Well done and well deserved.:D

  3. Sold out! That’s probably about as good as it gets. Congrats.

    • Sophie E Tallis says:

      Thank you, Jane! Just wish I’d had my camera so I could have recorded more of the day! Very very special. 🙂

  4. kimatsafkhet says:

    Wish we could’ve been there, Mozart could have taken care of the hot dog and I would have really enjoyed seeing you in this fantastic book store! Well done, Sophie! What a great sport you are for making the best of a day that the distributor so desperately tried to mess up for all of us!

    • Sophie E Tallis says:

      Mozart would have loved it…as well as the hot dog! It’s such a lovely bookshop though. If I were ever to own a bookshop, I’d want it to be just like this one! A really really great day, thanks. 🙂

  5. tricia says:

    Great job, Sophie. I’m so happy for you. If anyone deserves happiness and success, it’s you.

    • Sophie E Tallis says:

      Wow! Thank you SO much, Tricia, that’s really really kind of you sweetie. I’m just thrilled and still floating around! 🙂

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