Magical memories are made of this…


We may not have the frozen pipes, blankets of white or the crisp beauty of frost on windows, crunch of grass under foot or the gasp of cold air…but this has been a wonderful Christmas full of magic and beauty.

SAM_2051Although the incessant drip drip of rain-soaked days threaten to dampen spirits, the whole mystique of Christmas remains the same as it did when I was a child.

SAM_2015Fridges and freezers groaning with food, fires blazing, candles lit, presents nestling like small children beneath laden Christmas tree boughs. The whole twinkling wonderment of it. Then the intoxicating smells – roasting chestnuts, spruce, the sweet zestiness of clementines, the smoke of coal and seasoned logs, the heady scent of Christmas itself…pure joy!

So, despite the downpours, wellies caked in mud, garden perpetually waterlogged, the drabness all around, the spirit of Christmas is well and truly alive. Family, friends, loved ones and the unmistakable air of magic…what more could anyone wish for? 😀

Hoping you all had a fabulous Christmas too! xx


6 thoughts on “Magical memories are made of this…

  1. Kate Jack says:

    A wonderfully evocative image of Christmas, Sophie. The white wolves look like they enjoyed themselves – bless ’em. 😀

  2. Christmas is sparkling and magical. But dealing with the excess chocolate brings a different aura…

    • Lol! Not to mention the unwelcome winter visitor of…er..the noro virus which apparently has hit over a million people! Ye gods!

      At least choccie doesn’t go off though, I’ll be nibbling mine by the time Easter comes along!

  3. Andy Szpuk says:

    You really capture the sensory side of this time of year here Sophie, a warm offering, thank you.

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