Winter haze, snow days…life goes on!


It’s been a little while since I last posted, sorry folks for the delay, just a few unforeseen bumps along the road of life, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

SAM_2173Just over a couple of weeks ago I was staring out of my window at a scene of almost indescribable beauty.

SAM_2120Everything lay shrouded under a mantle of magical white. Landscapes I knew so well, were suddenly alien. Formless lumps and bumps smothered beneath snow. The trees and thickets, so stark and mournful in winter, had grown frosty fruits of their own over night. Icicles adorned gutters and everywhere lay a stillness and silence so strange to behold in a garden which usually resembles an aviary. SAM_2181

Little three-pronged footprints skitted across the lawn, looking this way and that in the hope of food. Deeper imprints from the various wild creatures that frequent our wooded garden, could be seen gathering round the feeders we put out.

SAM_2269The pond had frozen solid and there, as reminder of the beauty and cruelty of life, was a track, leading from the edge of the pond across the frozen water to the little island where the moorhens live. A mink.

A creature never intended to be on this little sceptred isle of ours, not indigenous but introduced, brought over here for the cruelest of reasons, to farm them not for meat, for us to live from, but for the vanity of fashion – for fur to adorn the wealthy and arrogant. And why was this mink suddenly roaming our countryside? Because it’s freedom had been given by those who oppose the fur trade. A noble endeavour, but of course a short-sighted one, and our indigenous wildlife has paid the price. Much like our poor English crayfish, on the brink of extinction from introduced foreign invaders, our otters struggle against the competition and our birds fall prey.SAM_2258

And so, in this scene of snowy loveliness I was reminded of the arrogance of man, the ‘great interferer’, who has through ignorance, apathy or intention caused the suffering of so much of our planet’s wildlife – species that were here long before us but whose lives now hang in the balance on the most tenuous of threads because of us.

041The moorhens, a breeding pair who had mated for life, had been living on the little island in my pond for longer than I have been living in this house. Last year with utter delight, we saw them raise three broods of chicks – little black balls of fluff with outsized feet, 18 chicks in total! We put out corn for them daily in addition to the wild bird seed mixes, peanut feeders, vegetable suet and dried fruit we put out daily for all the garden birds. Helping nature where we can. Anyway, there was the track of this mink, heading straight for where the moorhens have their permanent home. No, I didn’t see any blood, just a few brown black feathers. But unmistakably, there will be no moorhen chicks this year.  Only a single moorhen remains, the male, left alone nervously swimming the pond as it thawed, running and flying at the first sign of danger, seeming to look for its lost partner.

SAM_2145A sad tale to be sure…but it got me thinking about life, about all those calamities that befall us, those obstacles we have to overcome, those hoops we jump through, those times of strife.

Certainly for me, tough times are when I “go to the mattresses”, I’ve been through enough really tough times to recognise when something truly qualifies as a major disaster or simply another pot hole in the journey we all find ourselves on. That’s not to minimise anyone’s ‘bad time’, we all have days even weeks when we just shouldn’t have crept out from under the duvet, when everything we touch turns to pig slop, but you do find a perspective in life when you’ve really had struggles. As a result, you are able to deal with the odd crisis or recognise simply when things aren’t as bad as they seem – a lucky escape wrapped in a drama!

SAM_2135For me, everything is a matter of perspective. Everything I have and have achieved has been through damn hard work, sweat, blood, tears and persistence – no fickle luck, no easy hand outs or rich family members, just slog, but that does build character. SAM_2179

So, when the dust settles and you’ve picked yourself up. Look around. Smell the air, breathe deep and realise that things always happen for a reason. That you may just have had a lucky escape from a bad situation that could, and probably would, have become a lot worse. See those silver linings? They’re for you.

SAM_2235So, the next time something ‘bad’ or unexpected happens to you, take the time to reflect, look up from your duvet and simply breathe and you may just find that a new door opens up for you and a new horizon brighter than any you could have imagined! SAM_2104

SAM_2294As for my lonely moorhen, I cannot promise that he will find another partner, that life will get any easier for him, despite my efforts, but life does go on. Within days a pair of wild ducks arrived and a couple of pheasant have been taking up residence…life goes on. SAM_2232

So good luck to you all, my friends, my supporters, my family, life IS a wondrous and beautiful trip, make sure you don’t miss it!  😀 xx


10 thoughts on “Winter haze, snow days…life goes on!

  1. Brilliant photos, Soph! x

  2. janicecairn says:

    Just popped in to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog.
    It is a beautiful piece of work, so literary, so inspiring, so informative

    • Thank you SO much, Janice, that really is so very kind of you! I do love the snow and wintry days like these, but of course our wildlife struggles to survive in such conditions. Many thanks honey. 🙂 x

  3. Wonderful photos!! I do love the snow, it covers everything in a blanket of lovely white fluff!! 😀 Your boys look great, I bet they love playing out there!!
    I believe everything happens for a reason too, and sometimes what seems bad at the time can be a blessing in disguise. I hope your poor moorhen finds himself another partner soon 😦

    • Lol! Thank you sweetie, aren’t the boys photogenic? Unlike me, I don’t think they have a bad angle 😛 Yes, I thought you’d love the snow, your favourite thing. We spent hours and hours just playing around. I’d almost managed to build a snow swan when Tolly decided to land on it!

      Yeap, everything happens for a reason and blessings can come in strange wrappings! 😀 xx

      Phoned up Slimbridge today to ask about the poor lonely moorhen – some good news, they said if he was very unhappy he’d just fly off! 🙂

      • I hope he finds a lady friend and stays! As for the boys, they look awesome!! and you’re a lot more photogenic than me!! 😀

      • Oh me too, he looks so lonely out there poor thing. But I guess the Slimbridge guys know their stuff, if he was really unhappy he’d fly away, but it would be so sad to see him go. Yeap, fingers crossed for a new lady to come along and put the spring back in his lovely big feet! Lol! Don’t the biys look lovely?! They adore the snow, right little wolves and polar bears they are. 😀 xx

  4. Oh, Sophie, it’s heartbreaking to see nature at work. I’ve been there. January was darkly depressive,for me, a period of magical snow, but no sunshine. We all need a little sunshine (light) to remain inspired. Hopefully spring won’t be long in the waiting. I do love your dogs 🙂

    • Definitely, let’s all hope for sunshine and warm breezes…already the snowdrops, and growing daffodils, tulips and primroses are reminding me that life is awakening, good things to come! 😀 xx

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