Hot Insomnia


The silver shimmer slid away,

Light dancing on water,

Heat haze above the roads.

As dusk falls, and the air cools

I think I hear the sigh of the sea.

Hot insomnia abounds

Winding, clinging sheets

And suffocating downs.

Wet behind ears,

Stingy eyes, sticky arms,

The closeness of thunder without the storm.

I dream of sparkling oceans and their breeze

The cascade of waterfalls,

The tinkle of ice in glass

And tender coldness under foot of grass.

These stifling sleepless nights,

And breathless airless days,

Sun baked earth, windless sky,

So uncommon to our verdant shores,

This ancient rain-soaked isle

So used to washed out summers,

Now sizzles in July.

Sophie E Tallis © 2013

piercing sunshine

10 thoughts on “Hot Insomnia

  1. Brianna Soloski says:


  2. Well evoked. Always the mixed blessings, makes one appreciate the coolness of water on the skin. Wishing you a good night’s sleep, Sophie. I’m off to Munich and the Alps, seems to sizzle there too.

    • Thank you, Ashen, you are sweet. Yes, I know I really shouldn’t complain as we’re so lucky not to have the usual grey rain drenched summer, but wow it’s been swelteringly hot and it’s so hard just to sleep! Have a fantastic time in the Alps honey, if you bump into Mr. Agyk say “Hi”! 😀

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  4. Very beautiful Sophie! It’s far too hot to sleep isn’t it? Massive thunderstorm last night also kept me awake!!Heard a lot of running water through my open window then! 😀

    • Thank you Lindsey. Oh no, did you manage to shut your window in time? Lol, yeah, I was wide awake of course when it hit us about 3am. Wow, what a light show! 40 minutes of constant lightning flashes amongst the rain, hail and thunder…very pleased that none of our trees fell down!! Still damn hot to today though, peeling myself off chairs at the moment. Having said all that, it will be hotter in Vegas honey! 😀

      • Don’t remind me!! Hope they’ve got industrial strength air-con! It’s not getting any cooler here today and it looks like rain again, maybe more thunder on the way? If it clears the air I don’t mind, hope you’re managing to cool down a little! 😀

      • Lol, you’ll be chillin’ by the pool honey…along with all those gorgeous male models who do the book covers!!!

        Yeap, still can’t sleep but am trying a fan now, damn noisy but at least the air is slightly cool…er! 😀

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