Garth Nix and the Writing Process

Another great piece about the construction process of writing, this time from the great, Garth Nix, thanks to Proseia for this! 😀

The Fall (Garth Nix novel)

More Cool Art!!! Out of The Dark

An excellent book full of amazing fantasy gothic art published by Aadenian Ink and my friend Hazel Butler. Check it out folks!

The Nerdy Paige

Today I’m highlighting a book called “Into the Dark” edited by Hazel Butler and published by Aadenian Ink. Containing over two hundred images, and contributions from thirty-two artists from around the world, Out of the Dark is a veritable cornucopia of Gothic delight. Fifteen chapters, each packed with vibrant images, and pithy descriptions,  showcase some of Gothic Art’s favourite themes, from Death to Lovers, Hauntings to Winter, Lolitas to Lost Boys, and Beauty to Winter.

Today I’m going to highlight a few of the artists just to whet your appetite. These pieces are pretty dang amazing so hold onto your socks!

First up:  Just A Kiss, by Jeannie Ann Numos


Jeannie Ann Numos is a freelance Graphic Artist from the Philippines. She has been involved in digital arts mainly, photo manipulation, for over three years, and has a profound love of art, which has always been a significant…

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Fantasy fiction, easy peasy…

The misconceptions surrounding the fantasy genre…

Easy is it?
The creative energy needed for complete world building, endless research, rich interwoven stories, a landscape of pure imagination…easy, eh? I think not! 😀

This is a sample constructed-world as seen fro...

Great Advice for the Self-publisher

Another great blog for all those embarking on the strange and wonderful journey of self-publishing. Check it out folks! 😀


One of the many blogs I follow is Chuck Wendig’s blog ‘Terribleminds‘, Chuck writes a lot of sense about writing in a very amusing way. Today I read his latest post ’25 steps to becoming a Self-Published Author’ and thought I must share it with you. Not only is it very amusing, but very instructive too and a good place to start if you’re thinking of self-publishing or already out there trying to be heard. So click on the image below and do yourself a favour if you haven’t already read it!!

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