Another very useful blog post here. Forget the glitzy swag, the posters, the business cards and bookmarks, the trailers and websites – WRITE THE BOOK FIRST! An oxymoron? Well, you’d be surprised how many authors fall into the trap of using their creative time on such endeavours without actually having finished or even written the book itself! Great advice from fellow fantasy author and Mistress of Blogs, Tricia Drammeh. Check it out folks! 😀

All I Have to Say

Which comes first? The book or the bling? I’ve been stumbling across more and more writers who construct book trailers, book-based websites, book covers, and Facebook pages LONG before the first draft of their book is complete. While it is advisable to establish an author platform before you publish, how much is too much? Does an unfinished book need a trailer? Is this a good tool to get potential readers excited about the upcoming book?

I’m sure everyone has differing opinions on this matter, but I believe it’s important to finish at least the first draft before getting too carried away with the extras. Certainly, social media, book trailers, and promotional items can wait until closer to the book launch–especially when we’re talking about your first book. When it comes to a series where you’re releasing a much-anticipated third or fourth book, you already have a fan base anxiously awaiting…

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