Farewell my Dragon Friend, Lindsey J Parsons.


*deep sigh*

This is the hardest blog post I have ever had to write, and it breaks my heart in the writing of it. Two days ago, I heard the shocking news that one of my dearest friends, Lindsey J Parsons, had suddenly and tragically passed away.262888_2238622135240_4045698_n[1]

Shocking is the word…at a time when words seem to fail. I simply cannot believe it and I cannot understand it.

Lindsey was not just one of my closest internet friends, she was one of my closest real friends. We talked and laughed almost every day, messaging each other back and forth like a couple of idiots, just being daft on the internet. http://lindseyjparsons.com/

She was one of the first people I’d share my woes with. One of the few truly wonderful people on this planet.

69190_4684701805703_297748057_n[1]I met Lindsey back in 2010, along with my other AWB friends (Alliance of Worldbuilders) – a group of geeky fantasy and sci-fi writers and the largest group/thread on the HarperCollins writing site, Authonomy. We immediately clicked. Not only were we fantasy writers with a passion for the fantasy genre, we both obsessively and childishly adored dragons! It was true to say that neither of us ever grew up, and I loved that free spirit and lack of cynicism in Lindsey. She never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was always, ALWAYS, helpful, supportive, positive and encouraging of fellow writers. There was no ego with Lindsey. She shared openly and gave freely of her time and her talents.

432075_3446252725250_133180967_n[1]Our mutual love of dragons was clearly evident in our dragon pictures and internet avatars, though Lindsey’s dragon passion was even greater than mine, with an impressive collection of dragon statues and mementos at her home and a fantastic stone dragon on her roof! 425036_3160213334444_1952181019_n[1]

Lindsey soon became the beating dragonheart of our Alliance, keeping the thread fresh, funny and going when many of us (especially myself) were less than frequent in our attendance.

She was always on hand to share her experiences, share information, knowledge, advice and to encourage others at every opportunity.

Lindsey demonstrated that incredible support and friendship when on the 6th October 2012, she travelled all the way from her home to a small little bookshop in Cirencester, for the launch of my debut novel. All that way to support a fellow dragon friend, someone who at that point, she had never actually met before!

4994981[1]I knew instantly that it was her. The bookshop was very busy, packed in fact, the launch was a big success but was also all rather overwhelming. I didn’t know where to turn, between chatting to customers and children and signing books…all very surreal. Then, amongst the milling crowds, I saw this seemingly quiet and small dark-haired lady, a petite figure with an unmistakable twinkle in her eyes. She waited patiently while I ‘did my thing’ (whatever that was), but we both instantly shared that, “Wow! It’s you!” moment.

Lindsey being Lindsey, stayed for quite a few hours. After the event, Lindsey, myself and my very good mate, Will Macmillan Jones (also another great AWB pal), all went next-door for a coffee, cake and a natter. It was SO lovely to finally meet her face to face after nearly two years of internet friendship, emails, and messages etc. It felt so special, being there with my two close friends talking about writing, our plans for the future and each other’s books. Lindsey was so generous, so excited for me and for herself and her new life as a writer. She had such ambitions and dreams and it was wonderful listening to her and being a part of it all. 531086_373803919378597_1702802832_n[1]

More than that…Lindsey J Parsons WAS and IS a BRILLIANT writer! I’m a hard bugger to please, believe me. I’ve read so many awful books, badly written, boring, nonsensical, badly edited, trite, dull, clichéd etc. But with Lindsey it was easy and a sheer delight, because her books truly were and are wonderful!

She was a truly amazing writer. As a reader, I really am like Marmite, I either love something or I hate it, I can’t be indifferent or ambivalent. No sitting on fences here, that’s how you get splinters in your arse! 7908_475725272508236_169525754_n[1]

When I first picked up Lindsey’s debut novel, Vortex, Book 1 of her Return of the Effra series, I had my doubts. Afterall, I’m not a big fan of paranormal romance. I love my fantasy epic and I guess, a little traditional. But WOW! The moment I started reading it, I was hooked. In fact the only other recent book which had me transfixed like that was Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. Vortex really is that good. I’m a slow reader, by osmosis I think, but I read it in just two days, I simply couldn’t put the thing down. I then proceeded to re-read it several times after that, something I never do, unless it’s a really good book.

Vortex certainly deserves all of its many 5 star reviews and I was thrilled for Lindsey, that it was doing so well, and so proud of her. She wrote and produced that book on her own terms. She set up her own publishing company, AFS Publishing http://www.afspublishing.com/, and produced a book that had the quality look and feel of any mainstream publication and quite frankly, beat the pants off of many indie publishing houses. Her daughter’s boyfriend, Greg Barons, did the amazing covers, but the book was pure Lindsey. What a legacy! 544830_318401201571709_870759055_n[1]

She went on to write and publish her second novel in the Return of the Effra series, Wicked Game, which I have started to read and absolutely LOVE. Another 5 star book and another much deserved and roaring success for Lindsey. wicked-game-cover-1[2]

But as well as being a terrifically talented writer, Lindsey was also my good friend. A lot of our friendship also centred around the fact that we are both dreadful insomniacs. While all our other friends had gone to sleep, Lindsey and I were almost waking up! We’d speak nearly every day, but often, we’d be chatting til 2, 3 even 4am in the morning. Constantly messaging each other over how daft we were that we couldn’t sleep. But it was so lovely, knowing that when midnight struck and most of my friends had gone offline to bed, me & Linds were only just starting! There was a wonderful comradeship in that, in sharing our insomnia, our idiot ideas at 3am in the morning when both of us had to be up early the next day. Like me, Lindsey seemed to come alive at night, something about the witching hour that got our creative juices flowing. I cannot even begin to express how much I will miss that, how much I will miss her.

It’s fair to say, that I have been in a constant stream of tears these last two days, in fact, quite incapable of not crying. Last night was the worst, not having my friend to talk to through the night. But…this post isn’t about me, it’s about Lindsey and what an extraordinary person she was.

The terrible irony of all this, is that only a matter of weeks ago, Lindsey re-blogged my post about the ‘Passing of a Legend’, namely the death of Nelson Mandela, and then this happens. Lindsey J Parsons may not have been as well-known a figure as Nelson Mandela, but nonetheless, she shared many similarities with him. She was a truly kind and wonderful person, who always thought of others before herself, and she did, in so many ways, touch the lives of not just those around her, but everyone she came into contact with. THAT is a rare gift, but then Lindsey was a rare lady. 295755[1]

734419_10200817040058504_1555471576_n[1]She lived life to the fullest, something so many of us fail to do (myself included). Despite her small frame, she really did have the heart of a dragon – an adventurous and daring nature. She loved pushing herself, seeing what she could achieve and boy, didn’t she achieve a lot! She loved walking, nature, her doggies and horses, being on her farm, horse riding, including bareback riding and, like everything she did, she loved archery and was brilliant at it! She was part of a long bow archery club and competed to a high standard, even winning medals. I SO wish I had made it to her last archery competition in Cheltenham, where she proudly won the bronze medal. She’d certainly give Katniss Everdeen a run for her money! 1953998f444d2c9aaeece3dd3c2b8551[2]

Lindsey threw herself into everything she did. She was a vital and much-loved part of her rural community, even organising events like cinema night at the local village hall. Everyone who knew her loved her, how you could not?

198501_1004765129586_205_n[1]This was no ordinary woman. This was a cowboy boot wearing, dragon-loving, snow-loving, fantasy writing, archery medal winning, awesomely talented author and mother of three children! Apart from being a wonderful friend to me and so many others, Lindsey was also an amazing mum to her three gorgeous children, Cat, Amy-Jane and Tom, who must be utterly shattered by the shocking and sudden loss of their lovely mum. My thoughts and love go out to them and all of Lindsey’s family at this terrible terrible time. None of us can fathom what they must be going through. 😦

Another example of Lindsey’s incredible bravery and zest for life, was when last year she decided to go off to America by herself, to attend a Romance Writing Convention. I did want to join her, but couldn’t due to ill-health, but nonetheless, little Lindsey got on that plane and headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas (or Las Vagas as she called it)! I would have pee’d in my pants, but Lindsey took it all in her stride and had a fabulous time! She sent pictures of herself, sitting like a pro at this enormous table in the convention hall, with all her books and booky swag around her. She’d organised everything, things she could take on the flight and things she had to get printed and shipped in the US. Then, she even attended the convention ball, where everyone dressed up, and Lindsey, of course, went in a stunning silver and blue dragon dress, complete with wing flaps!!!! What a girl! 1001089_10201621766816170_2138720117_n[1]

While she was over there, Lindsey also met up with another two AWB members and fellow fantasy friends, Susan and Richard Wentworth, who were thrilled to meet her.

Yes, Lindsey was truly a one-off. She was utterly fearless and had so much more to offer this world.

Over the Christmas just gone, we chatted about going to America together this year and we were both thrilled at the idea, excitedly talking about our plans for 2014. Lindsey wanted to show me the sights and I know we would have had a blast, two dragons together! She also had an Authorcon arranged up in Manchester with fellow AWB friends, Andrea Baker, Hazel Butler and Will Macmillan Jones, a great forum in which to launch her third novel in the Return of the Effra series, Shegal, due out this year. postcard-shegal[1]

Of course now…all those plans are gone, as is our beautiful Lindsey. The world really was her oyster and I truly believe she could have achieved anything she put her mind, heart and talents to.

We spoke on the net on New Year’s Day, wishing each other a wonderful 2014. Hours later that day, while walking, she felt very unwell. She was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed as having had a burst brain aneurism and was placed into a medical coma. She had an emergency operation which was thought to be successful, but deteriorated and passed away on Sunday 5th January, surrounded by her family.

Words really cannot express the horror and shock of what has happened, or the hole she has left behind for those who loved and cared about her. The random cruelty of nature, life, whatever you call it, is simply abominable and unfathomable. For someone so young and vital, with everything going for her and an incredible writing talent…goodness only knows what else she could have achieved if her life hadn’t been so tragically cut short.

Q1-me-in-cowboy-boots[1]For myself, I mourn the loss of a dear dear friend, my other dragon half, my insomniac confidant, my Lindsey. But for her family, they mourn an incredible sister and a wonderful wonderful mother. I am so SO sorry for their loss. My heart goes out to them.

Lindsey J Parsons, the beating dragonheart of our Alliance, the most talented, kindest and sweetest person I have ever known, who I am privileged to call my friend.

I will miss her every time it snows, every time I write, every time I can’t sleep, every time I have good news to share, or troubles, and every time I see a picture of a horse, a dragon, or a unicorn, I will think of Lindsey. 😦 1015fb6fa1b776958a172468aaf680ba[1]

I’m not a religious person, and I know my tears are inadequate, but I wish you a thousand thank you’s and blessings. If there is a heaven, I’m sure you are there with your cowboy boots on.

May dragon wings soar you to the stars, my friend, where I will see you again one day. All my love, Sophie xxxxxxx

Lindsey J Parsons


R.I.P. xxxxxx


PLEASE support Lindsey and her family by buying these FANTASTIC books and helping Lindsey’s Legacy – getting her the recognition she deserves. http://www.amazon.com/Lindsey-J-Parsons/e/B008D7RXQ6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

39 thoughts on “Farewell my Dragon Friend, Lindsey J Parsons.

  1. Reblogged this on Tricia Drammeh and commented:
    What a sad loss for the writing community. My heart goes out to Lindsey’s family . I’ve read several posts over the last two days, but this heartbreaking farewell by Sophie Tallis says more than I could ever hope to say.

  2. My dear Sophie, I’m crying as I’m reading this post. I didn’t know Lindsey the way you did, but she was always a breath of fresh air on authonomy and on FB. I loved looking at her archery pictures! She will be missed by so many. I took the liberty of reblogging your post because it is such a lovely tribute to Lindsey. My thoughts are with you as you mourn the loss of your dear friend.

    • Thank you sweetie, SO much! Just couldn’t sleep I’m afraid and didn’t have my fellow insomniac friend to chat to, so thought it was fitting to write a blog about her, a farewell letter I suppose. So sad, and fell so badly for her family and children to have lost such a great mum. Give your kiddies a squeeze honey and hold all your family and friends close, life is just too damn short to do anything else. Take care of yourself too, please, good friends are so important. XXXXXX

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  4. Proseia says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Sophie. She sounds like she was a really lovely person and a wonderful friend. All the best to those who knew her and miss her. ❤

  5. A wonderful tribute Sophie.
    I walked into my daughter’s bedroom last night, and found myself surrounded with pictures of Vortex, Wicked Game and the series. Lindsey had sent me a copy of Wicked Game on release, and put some of her “swag” in the parcel. My daughter loved the images and insisted on putting them up on her walls. I spoke to Lindsey at some length about her plans for the third book, Shegal, as my daughter desperately wanted to read them, and I wanted to be sure of where the story was going. I had no trouble with her reading Vortex and Wicked Game, I’ve read them myself and know what they contain, but I didn’t want to let her read the first two, and then say “you’re too young for the next”.

    Lindsey was delighted that Jess wanted to read them. Offering to talk to her and answer any questions that my child might have. A simple example of the kind hearted spirit that she was, that she would take that time out of her life for my little girl.

    My heart breaks at the hole she has left, especially those three young people who had the honour to have her as their Mother. Her legacy lives on in what she taught them about life, and the gentleness that she showed us all.

    Rest in peace my friend, I hope you grew your wings xxx

    • Yes, wasn’t she generous to a fault? She gave me all her wonderful swag too, it all look so beautiful and so professional! Of course, it all takes on a dreadful resonance now. Just so so sad.

      That’s wonderful that your daughter loved her books so much, what a wonderful legacy she has left behind. Her many talents and achievements will live on as will her spirit, as long as those who loved her remember her.

      I totally agree. Lindsey was dedicated to her family, so very close to her three kiddies and her sister, Jaci. She was so proud of her children…just so heartbreaking for all of them. Cat, Amy and Tom had such an amazing mum, I can’t imagine how hard her loss must be for them, and poor Tom is not very old…to have lost his mum at such a tender age…just horrendous.

      Lindsey really was one the kindest most generous people I have ever had the honour of knowing. She gave of herself unselfishly and would always bend over backwards to help others. She really was an example for us all.

      I think she will be missed by so many people, she touched so many lives from all over the world. That was her magic. The number of condolences she has recieved is proof of that…

      We were just very lucky to have known her and to have called ourselves her friends. Keep safe yourself, please Andrea, and give your daughter a little hug from me. Thank you sweetie. 🙂 xxxxx

  6. Jo says:

    Heartbreaking 😦 I’m so sorry *hugs*

    • Thank you, Jo, yes, the whole situation is very unreal, very sudden, very unfair and just plain awful. Heartbreaking is the word, but it’s for her three children that I feel the worst. o have lost such a wonderful mum at such a tender age…dreadful. Thanks Jo. 🙂 xx

  7. Lovely tribute this, Sophie! As many may have already said, I didn’t know Lindsey in-depth but we did have a good giggle or two on the Autho forum, and more often than not snorted at each other’s pictures on FB. She’ll be sorely missed, by the people close to her but not less by the aspiring writers’ community.

    Hang tough, my thoughts are with you and her Family.

    • She was a wonderful perosn and such a great one for a laugh and a giggle. She was a regular on Autho, far more than me, but mostly stayed on the Alliance of Worldbuilders thread, though I’m not surprised that she wandered into the murky depths of the forum! I’m so glad that you knew her and shared giggles. She was very open and friendly and loved the absurdities of life. Thank you for your kind words, all our thoughts are with her family, especially her three children. xxxx

  8. Reblogged this on C Matt Hewes' Blog and commented:
    Sophie E. Tallis’ Lovely tribute to the recently passed away author Lindsey J. Parsons. A True Dragon Lost..

  9. Kay Kauffman says:

    This was beautiful, Sophie. And if you ever need someone to talk to in the wee hours of the night, I believe I’m about six hours behind you, timewise, so feel free to chat me up. Your middle of the night is my evening.


    • Lol, oh thank you Kay, SO MUCH! Seriously, I’ve been struggling at night since I heard and have just wanted so much to talk to her. As insomniacs, she was even worse than me…I’d end up saying goodnight to her at 3:30am ofsomething daft like that and she’d still be online and awake! Lol, she must have thrived on about two hours sleep…bless her. That’s a very kind offer, Kay, I may just take you up on that!

      I think it’s a wonderful testament to how much she was loved and the legacy that she left behind, that so many people from all over the world, have been sending their condolences. She touched so many lives.

      Weren’t we just so damn lucky to have known her and called her our friend? Thanks sweetie and take care of yourself. 🙂 xxxxxx

      • Kay Kauffman says:

        We really were lucky. And as you said, she was an example for us all.

        If you can’t sleep, I do hope you take me up on that offer! Just let me know how you prefer to chat and I’m all yours if needed. 😀

      • Thank you sweetie, been trying NOT to take my computer upstairs to try and help me to actually sleep…hey ho. 😉 xx

  10. M T McGuire says:

    I’m so sorry. I didn’t know Lindsay, but I do know how I felt when I lost a friend. The only thing I can say is that when a person dies in their prime they usually die the way they’d like to be remembered. Maybe there is some comfort in that.

    • Thank you, Mary, that’s very kind of you. I think we’ve all just been left reeling because it was so damn sudden and she was so fit and vivacious. She really lived life to the full and showed us all by example. She grasped opportunities, pushed herself, and never had a bad word to say to anyone. The legacy she has left behind, is not just in the wonderful books she wrote, which in themselves are such an incredible achievement, but in the way she lived her life and how she touched the lives of all those around her, even those who had never met her. It’s a real testament to how much people thought of her, that she has condolences from all across the globe.

      What a lovely lady, our dragon friend will be missed terribly. Thank you MT. 🙂 xxxx

  11. Caro says:

    A beautiful tribute Sophie. It was a privelige to have known Lindsey a little, first whilst working on Wicked Game, and a delight that she stayed in contact in the months that followed. In a very short time we were emailing about so much including how so many of us, including you and Will, had this deep love and curiosity for dragons. My last contact was a few days before Christmas and how she was looking forward to Shegal being her next book in the Return of the Effra series. We wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kind New Year…little knowing the tragedy to come.
    I was honoured to have begun to know just a little of lovely Lindsey Jane. My heart goes out to her children, her sister, and the rest of her family, but also to her friends like yourself who will miss her so.
    If dragons be dreams then I dream of her flying through the heavens riding a dragon of her own…in her cowgirl boots, and with her characters whom she wished were real.

    • Lol, yes, she LOVED her cowboy boots! She’d wear them everywhere!

      Thank you, Caro, I know she will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her and even those that didn’t. It is a testament to what a special lady she was, that she touched so many lives. She has condolences coming in from all around the world, that, together with her lessons on how to live life and the wonderful books she left behind, are a lasting legacy to proud of.

      I’m just so grateful and proud to call her my friend and although her passing has left us all reeling and utterly bereft at the senseless cruelty of it, I think we all feel lucky and blessed to have known her.

      All our thoughts go out for her family, espeically her three gorgeous children, who have lost such a wonderful mum. I cannot imagine how hard this must be for them.

      Thank you Caro, and I’m sure you’re right, she’s up there somewhere riding dragons in her cowboy boots! 🙂 xxxxxx

  12. Sophie, I am so sorry for the pain you are going through in losing someone so special. I didn’t get to know Lindsay on Authonomy (my genre is more chick lit) but my path did cross with Lindsay because I recall the picture of the dragon. You have shared so many beautiful memories of a kind, talented and wonderful woman.

    • Thank you SO much, Maria, that’s so kind of you! Yes, I think that was one of Lindsey’s many gifts, that her happy kindness touched so many lives. She never had a bad word to say to anyone and was always eager to help other authors and friends. Her lovely dragon picture was a regular on Authonomy, and the hole she leaves behind is immense. But, as shocking and awful and senseless as her tragic loss is, I think we’re all just so proud to have known her for the few years that we did.
      Thank you honey. 🙂 xxxx

  13. Sophie, This is a profoundly moving tribute. I have no doubt that Lindsey loved you. Losses are never filled, but you honor her by remembering her. Gabriel

  14. andy parsons says:

    Sophie thats a heart renching and wonderfull sumary of my sister i wish in the later years that i had nown her as well as her good and careing friends thank you for your heartfelt words towards lindsey

    • Oh thank you, Andy, that’s so incredibly kind of you. Lindsey has left a huge hole in all our hearts to be honest and I don’t think that happens very often. She was a very special, very magical person and I was genuinely proud to call her my friend. I’m so so sorry for your loss, if there’s ever anything I can do, please let me know. 🙂

  15. This is a beautiful tribute. My sincere sympathies regarding the loss of your friend.

    • Thank you SO much. I miss her dreadfully, to be honest, especially in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and want to talk to my friend. 😦

      Thank you, femmeflashpoint, very kind of you. 🙂 xx

  16. Wishing my lovely Lindsey, a happy birthday wherever you are. I hope you’re soaring through the skies with stardust on your wings! We all love you and miss you honey. 🙂 xxx

  17. Words cannot describe how I’m feeling right now. My friend and I are still on the phone, and we began to chat about Lindsey. Having met her in Las Vegas last year, we shared many laughs and were both looking forward to seeing her again one day. Somehow I happened to find this post, and our hearts are suddenly broken. Lindsey was an amazing woman and will be greatly missed 😦

    • Thank you sweetie. It is utterly heart breaking isn’t it? Lindsey and I had only known each other for four years, but we spoke nearly every night, too insanely late night owls plagued by insomnia. I miss her terribly, I was supposed to go with her last year to Las Vegas but was too ill, so we’d planned to go together this year. I’m SOOO pleased you got to meet herm she really was an incredible lady and she SOOO loved Las Vegas and all the lovely people like you there. She really had such a blast. It’s not much comfort, but her funeral was beautiful. It was so crowded with so many people whose lives she had touched, that a lot of people had to stand throughout the ceremony. We’re hoping, once a little time has passed, to try and do her justice by publishing the final book of her trilogy, so it’s complete. But we’re only do when the family are okay with it, still too raw at the moment.

      Poor poor sweet Linds. So sorry you found out this way honey, but I’m so glad you got to know her. xxx

  18. Grace says:

    I know I am extremely late with sending you my condolences, but I do hope that now you are feeling much better. Such a beautiful tribute. I have just recently read Vortex, and cannot wait to read the next two. Yet, I am having trouble finding much info on Shegal and was wondering if it has been published and I simply can’t find it or it has not been published and may never will be. I’m absolutely dying to know and would leave to read more of Lindsey’s works.
    Much love, Grace

    • Ah, thank you Grace, so very sweet of you. Yes, time is a healer, but to be honest, I still miss her every day and think about her often, especially when my insomnia is particularly bad and I miss speaking to my friend til 2 or 3am. 😦 I’m not religious at all, but I’m sure she’s soaring up in the stars and looking down on us all. 🙂 Lindsey wrote two books before she died, Vortex, the first of her Effra series, the sequel is Wicked Game which I believe is still available through Amazon and it’s every bit as great as the first book. The third book, Shegal though, Lindsey never finished writing. We, her friends, are hoping and planning to try and write it at some stage and have it published in memory of her. We’ve just been waiting until the time is right, to make sure that her family are okay about it. But it would be great to have her trilogy completed. In the meantime, do try getting Wicked Game (Book 2) and reading that, it’s well worth it! 😀 xxx

  19. Connie says:

    I hope the hole in your heart is not as large, but I believe we will all always miss Lindsey. She was an amazing author and I loved her books. I have only one question though. In your tribute you mentioned Shegal being published later this year(which would have been last year) and I was wondering where I could purchase the book. Or if it has even been published or ever will be. Vortex was captivating and I feel an emotional connection to the characters, and who better to turn to with a question other than LIndsey’s best friend? xxx

    • Ah, thank you, Connie. Yes, that was a bit of wishful thinking time wise. Shegal hasn’t been written yet, we all decided that some time had to pass first before we approached the family about having someone, probably me, finish her last book and then get it published, but it is still something we intend doing. In fact my publisher has said that they would be willing to publish it in Lindsey’s memory which would be great. Her second book, Wicked Game is still available through Amazon I think. But later this year an anthology with three of her short stories in it, will be published. I did the illustrations for it including an archer which is dedicated to her and there are some of my stories in it too but the anthology itself is dedicated to Lindsey as well. It should be out in the summer I think. But thank you sweetie. It’s so so lovely to know how many lives she touched. Thank you. 😀 xxxx

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