Fed up with eating snail and tortoise dust? Join us the #slowwriters.

An excellent blog by Mary (MT) MacGuire, that is SO true of a lot of indie writers, including me. Glacier speed writing? Oh yeah! 😀

M T McGuire Authorholic

Ah I was all fired up to write this post, but now I’ve labrynthitis, sinusitis and a temperature and everything’s a bit meh. Then again, that’s probably as good a time as any.

The received wisdom about indie publishing is that if you want to earn money you need to write lots and lots of books. Fast. Or you have to be all over the internet like a rash, but a good rash; a warm snuggley comfort blanket, perhaps, rather than a rash. But you have to be there, working on your soft sell marketing techniques 24/7 so that your book sales soar. Alas, it looks like this is true and it’s only the people with the kind of sales skills that Satan, himself would envy and also time, and lots of it, who make a living from self publishing fiction. And the reason that makes me feel a bit…

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8 thoughts on “Fed up with eating snail and tortoise dust? Join us the #slowwriters.

  1. Just get on with your writing. Everything has its season. Some things take longer to ripen than others. A good crop of stories and poems can nourish people for hundreds of years.

    • Ah, thank you Ashen. Talking of which, how is CoM coming along and your second book? I want to know when I can buy it in the shops honey. 😀

      • Me too. Hanging loose. Waiting for my publisher to get stuck into the process in a matter of weeks.

        My sequel is nearly finished, 23 pages to go . One edit done with the help of a beta reader. Feels good.

      • Well done you honey!!! Wow! Only 23 pages left? Lol, that puts me to shame, I must crack on! DO let me know when CoM is out, I want to be one of the first people to grab a copy! 😀

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Thanks for the Reblog and also thanks to courseofmirrors for saying such a lovely thing.



  3. Scott Kaelen says:

    I find it difficult to get the words of my stories flowing more often than not. Oh, I can tweet (not that anyone answers!) and I can blog (hardly better), but if I’m not procrastinating one way or another I’m feeling utterly defused by a near total lack of support by friends, acquaintances and even family. I blame snail-pace writing on the feeling of literary isolation. But then I’ll slap myself across the face and churn out an excellent chapter. And then I’ll fizz out. And then … yeah, it’s a stutter and start routine all right. 😉

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