Oscars 2014 – predictions and hopes!


Lol, although I know this post will become dated more quickly than I can sing Happy Birthday to you, as I’m chatting about an event which is happening in only a few hours and will be yesterday’s news…er…yesterday, BUT, I can’t help it…

Okay okay…I’m a REAL cinephile and tonight is the night for all avid film buffs. So, with the Oscars nigh, what are my hopes and predictions for the winners?

Here we go:

Firstly, these are my PREDICTIONS for the people that I think will win:

Best Film: 12 Years A Slave.

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron (for Gravity).

Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey (for Dallas Buyers Club).

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett (for Blue Jasmine).

Supporting Actor: Jared Leto (for Dallas Buyers Club).

Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o (for 12 Years A Slave).


Now, these are the people I would LIKE to win, that I think are most deserving:

Best Film: 12 Years A Slave.

Best Director: Steve McQueen (for 12 Years A Slave).

Best Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor (for 12 Years A Slave).

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock (for Gravity).

Supporting Actor: Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave).

Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle).


In reality 2013 has been a great year for film and I’d be happy with any of the nominees getting that golden gong as they’re all such wonderful, substantial and beautiful films, with one notable exception. Although I love Cate Blanchett and think she is a phenomenal actress, I really don’t want ANY of the major awards going to a Woody Allen film. My own personal preference here, but on moral grounds, I really cannot condone or support a man who thinks it’s completely acceptable to have a sexual relationship with their daughter, whether she is biologically theirs or adopted. It is a terrible case of child grooming and abuse, and for Hollywood or anyone to just accept it and then give the man adulation and an armful of awards, for me, is just wrong. Rant over.

On a lighter note, I’m looking forward to the award show. I wish Billy Crystal was doing it as he’s always the funniest and I love the film snippets he does where he puts himself into each frame, but I’m sure Ellen DeGeneres will be great.

So, this film buff has her sleeping bag on standby, snacks at the ready and…ahem…4 doggies to keep me warm as I stay up to watch live coverage in a few hours time.

So, which film do you think deserves the top accolade? Who would get your vote? 😀 xxx


WOW, EVERY one of my predictions came true!!!! 100% correct!!! Woo and Hoo!!!! I DO wish Sandra Bullock would have won, but didn’t think she’d snag it, wanted Chiwetel Ejiofor to win for 12 Years A Slave, but again thought it would go to McConaughey because the Academy love rewarding actors who have made a come back and have transformed their bodies for a part. Also wish Steve McQueen had won for Best Director, but I DO like Alfonso Cuaron too. My biggest thing, was not wanting any awards to go towards a Woody Allen film, but Cate Blanchett was a shoe-in. Anyway…NEXT year, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and bet on my predictions!!!! 😛


6 thoughts on “Oscars 2014 – predictions and hopes!

  1. hierath says:

    I love Jared Leto, I think he’s an underrated actor and I’d like to see him pick up an Oscar. And I hope Gravity gets something. If Christian Bale is nominated for American Hustle I’d be happy to see him walk away with an Oscar, but I think 12 Years a Slave has most of the big awards in the bag this year….

    • Well, your wish came true, Joanne, Jared DID pick up best supporting actor! Actually, every one of my predictions came true, I used to do that every year, really should start putting money on it! 😛

      Having said all that, I wish my predictions had been wrong, I really wanted to Sandra Bullock win for Gravity and Steve McQueen win Best Director. I agree, Christian Bale would have been good, I guessed they’d go with Matthew McConaughey as they Academy seem to love actors that go through a body weigh transformation and love giving it to those who haven’t won before. Great gong for Jared though! 😛

  2. How do you feel about the choices, then?

    • Well, they were EXACTLY what I thought they’d be. EVERY one of my predictions was correct, I used to do that every year, really should start betting on them.

      I personally wished that Sandra Bullock had won, and I would have loved British director Steve McQueen to win it, but I didn’t think he would. What about you? What choices would you have made instead?

  3. Diane says:

    I am very very impressed – you should go and work in Hollywood you obviously have the eye – or – write the next Oscar winning screenplay!!!

    • Lol, thank you, Diane! It’s silly but I used to get the predictions right every year, think I got it wrong in one category in 2005 but that was it. I just love film and after years of watching films and watching the Oscars you can generally work out what the Academy will go for, trends etc. Lol, maybe I should work for a movie magazine! 😀 Thanks honey!

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