Struggling authors, please read.

This is SO true! All us writers are often plagued by self-doubt and from time to time we do feel like giving up, that we’re wasting our time and spilling our guts onto paper just for them to be lost in the ether amongst all the other millions of writers vying for attention. But is so important that we cherish our own personal journey and keep going, here’s why…

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

So lately I have heard from a few people that they feel like they should just give up on writing because for whatever reason, they are feeling like it just isn’t worth it anymore. Whether they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention, don’t have enough fans, or whatever the case may be, they are wrong, and here’s why.

Writers and authors have a gift, and because we have that gift, we have an obligation, a responsibility to use it. We may “just” arrange words in such a fashion that people enjoy reading them, but a heart surgeon “just” transplants hearts, and astronauts “just” go to space. We need to stop treating writing like it is simply a hobby that “anyone” can do, because that’s not the case. We “just” take people to places they can’t go on their own, and give them a form of escapism…

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