Meeting Deadlines – Remember to Breathe!

It’s Easter today – Happy Easter everyone! šŸ˜€

As I sit trying to recover from a very scary asthma attack I had at 4am, when I woke up suddenly unable to breathe, it’s forced me to be reflective on the last few weeks.

It was a manic March and so far April has been equally busy. Having kept up with my daily art challenge – The Artmaniac Challenge, for the whole of Jan and Feb, I fell off the art wagon in March, although ironically Sophie E Tallis IllustrationsĀ went from strength to strength – most notably being taken on by HarperCollins in February as one of their illustrators! šŸ˜€

This manicness started with a last minuteĀ dash to get a dark fantasy short story (Cern) finishedĀ for its anthology (Underskinn)Ā deadline of Feb 28th and continued when I had the daft last minute idea of painting a self-portrait to enter the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2018 (deadline March 3rd)! I blame the inspiration of a few close friends (and cake nutters) for this and their unbridled passion and enthusiasmĀ for just ‘going for it’, taking chances, pushing boundaries, going outside of your comfort zone – “hell why not?”.

I made the deadlines on both with literally 1 minute to spare, yes 1 minute! My short storyĀ has been accepted (as far as I know) but in the end my portrait wasn’t shortlisted. But I must say I have absolutelyĀ NO regrets, other than starting the painting the day before so it wasn’t finished properly! šŸ˜€

That manic flourish seemed to encapsulate March as I started my next commission, a painting for a New York client and his literary group – for it to adorn the front cover of their literary journal/magazine and website. Seemed like a great opportunity to once again do something different and widen my skill set and reputation for quality original art.

He was a slightly unusual client in that he clearly had never commissioned any artwork before and needed everything to be explained several times. But I’m very patientĀ and beingĀ a perfectionist by natureĀ I always want all my clients to be 110% happy and so far they all have been. Some of that perfectionism isn’t just in the standard of the art I produce but in making sure that each client is involved in the whole creative process every step of the way. By doing that, not only are you including the client in the work and all decision making but it becomes a great creative partnership and ensures that you deliver EXACTLY what they want. šŸ˜€

UnfortunatelyĀ despite going through ‘the process’ with him several times to ensure he understood exactly howĀ each stageĀ works and what to expect, there were often occasions where he seemed to get confused – an example being when I sent him the first inked up artwork and he asked where the colours were even though I had explained that I couldn’t move onto the final painting stageĀ until he was 100% happy with the inked up work!

I chalked it up to a difference in culture and language causing a few blips in communication. Mmmm, I should have listened to my spidey senses.

I had purposely set aside the whole of March for his artwork commission, having at his behest moved other projects to the side (including my own picture book that I have two agents waiting to see. So I won’t be doing that again!). Throughout the entire month he kept asking me when he could see the full colour version, even at the beginning when I was only at the graphite drawing stage.

The day of the deadline came, 31st March, as always I delivered the artwork on the deadline as agreed. That’s when it quickly appeared that there was something rotten in Denmark.

I sent the finished artwork to him with a watermark, as agreed, yet he didn’t even acknowledge it and instead kept asking for the finished work without watermark. A flurry of increasingly weird and then aggressive emails came, demanding the artwork without watermark as I kept explaining that he would get it as agreed the moment payment had been made. I’d spent a whole month working my ass off on this, doing exhaustive research, sending copious sketches, colour samples, drawings, asking 101 questions, etc., just to be screwed at the end by either an incompetent idiot or a crook. I couldn’t believe it. šŸ˜¦

Friday rolled into Saturday when he then switched tack and suddenly said he didn’t like the artwork. I was bereft, utterly exhausted, stressed and upset that I’d worked so hard, which he knew, had kept giving him the artwork at every stage and given him every opportunity for the work to be amended/changed etc. as requiredĀ yet he had said nothing until after the deadline. It seemed yet another ploy to get the artwork without watermark so he could use it without paying and shaft me in the process – commission my services, time and artwork for free.

Finally I sent an email threateningĀ legal action. To be honestĀ I’d given up hope of ever being paid by this idiot. What madeĀ the situationĀ worse was wasting a whole month of my precious time when I could have been doing other projects. In fact half way through March I had received another email from Terence the Head of Fiction Art at HarperCollins asking if I could do another fantasy map commission (for the lovely Anna Stephens and her highly anticipated grimdark debut, Godblind,Ā published with HC in June 2017). The problem was that this one had a tight deadline.

Because of my professionalism I said I was already committed to another client so couldn’t start the HarperCollins one until after the NY commission, April 1st earliest. Boy, April 1st really ended up beingĀ a joke on me! šŸ˜¦

I was so stressed out by it and upset that of course it made me ill. I didn’t sleep for two nights and was vomiting profusely with all my usual vertigo and migraine symptoms. But I had no time to be ill, I had the HC commission to do so I plunged into it, using it as a great distraction from being screwed over. It was also lovely working with Anna Stephens and Terence from HC, two thoroughly lovely and decent people, the complete opposite to the client I had just had.

The week passed with me stressed out of my gourd until the NY git, under the threat of legal action and realising that he wasn’t going to get any artwork from me for free, finally paid up! OMG!!! :O

To be honest, I was totally shocked, I still am, because of the awful way he was behaving I had completely written off ever being paid by him.

But because of his actions, it also meant that I was having to work 12/13 hour days to try and get the HarperCollins commission finished by the deadline of 14th April.

I managed it, just, and I’m really proud of the final artwork. As always I gave it my all and it does look great. Most importantly Anna and Terence love it. Phew! šŸ™‚

But of course, all of this has taken a toll – hence my asthma attack last night. šŸ˜¦

So what have I learned from all this madness?

Sadly, that I now won’t take on anyĀ new commissions fromĀ individuals I don’t know, it’s just too risky.Ā From now onĀ I’ll stick to HarperCollins commissions onlyĀ and indie authors I know…at the end of the day life is tough enough without dealing with unscrupulous people and we all need to make a living and protect ourselves especially in the highly changeable creative arts (writing, artwork, acting, singing etc.).

So folks, whatever field you work in/make a living from,Ā PLEASE make sure you protect yourself, your work, your skills, your time and your health!

Hopefully once my lungs start working again properly, I shall return to my picture book project which I have to get ready for the (hopefully still interested) agents who are awaiting it at the end of this month – in only 2 weeks time!

Wish me luck folks! šŸ˜€ xxxx

10 thoughts on “Meeting Deadlines – Remember to Breathe!

  1. sjhigbee says:

    It’s been a real roller-coaster of a month for you. Wonderful to get the HarperCollins commission, but that piece of work really messed things up. Go you for managing to hit your deadline – and I hope you feel a lot better very soon!

  2. Well I can safely say the art you produced for me and Godblind is exquisite and you should be so proud of yourself. Now you look after yourself! X

    • Ah, thank you Anna, you’re a such a sweetheart. I had great fun doing your map and it really was such a wonderful change from what went before. Well when I get the proper HC scan back tomorrow for me to add the labelling, I’ll make sure I send you a finished final scan of it for you to see it properly (my dodgy photo was rather squiffy!). Happy Easter! šŸ˜‰ xx

  3. Wow! You’ve had a manic year so far, to say the least. Despite the sketchy client and all the havoc he created, it sounds like your talent is finally being properly acknowledged. There are opportunities galore! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. I know this is just the beginning for you!

    • Ah, thank you Tricia. yes, while the writing side has stagnated somewhat, the art really seems to be taking off, hopefully, that is if I don’t mess things up with my IT ineptitude. Had another frantic few days with HC because of my own techy stupidity, so I hope I haven’t messed up that opportunity… Fingers crossed. šŸ˜‰ xx

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