Living in Trumpland

Living in Trumpland


Spectral shadows cloud my eyes,

Infinite distance to horizon’s demise.

We mindless children always at war,

Tearing into each other – the loudest voice gains the floor.

Hatred rises in peaks of crimson hue,

Death, mistrust, intolerance…nothing new.

Will sanity’s lessons ever be learned,

As this ravaged Earth is destroyed and we burn?


From nothing to nothing – particles collide,

Moon shapes, moonscapes that dance across soulless blackened skies.


Sophie E Tallis © 2018


4 thoughts on “Living in Trumpland

  1. M T McGuire says:

    As they say, ‘there is no planet B.’

    • Exactly! If we continue to fuck up this planet then we are done and so is every other living creature on this precious rock we’re destroying. :/ None of it helped by climate change denying ignorant idiot’s like Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement and promoting oil, coal & gas polluters.

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