Garth Nix and the Writing Process

Another great piece about the construction process of writing, this time from the great, Garth Nix, thanks to Proseia for this! 😀

The Fall (Garth Nix novel)

P. Rose Copeland

For anyone familiar with the Abhorsen Trilogy (as you all should be!), I’ve dug up one of my favorite links from Garth Nix, wherein he describes his take on the process of writing a novel.

Simply titled “How I Write: the Process of Creating a Book,”  the piece walks inquiring minds through the surprisingly approachable steps that this particular author takes when writing. I found this shortly after I started to become more interested in the structure of stories and more deliberate in my study of the writing process, and it got the gears moving in a way that none of my other resources did. I’d like to share it on the off-chance that it may help others as well.


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