Make Hay not war! …A tribute to Hay, Ray and Sir Terry!

I wrote this post two years ago, but it is particularly poignant today, given the tragic news that Sir Terry Pratchett has lost his long fight with Alzheimer’s. He was a colossus of the fantasy genre and one of our brightest literary lights. He will be sadly missed by those who knew him and the millions of fans worldwide that wish they did. RIP Terry, you’re one in a billion! šŸ˜¦ xxxx

Sophie E Tallis - Author/Illustrator

Iā€™ll admit that my expectations of the Hay Festival were highā€¦and I was NOT disappointed!

Returning home last night, at nearly 11pm, utterly exhaustedĀ and elated with a boot full of books, I found myself in a blissful state of delirium. What an experience! Not just the festival itself, with its Tibetan-likeĀ rainbow flags (perhaps fluttering in homage to the God of Books), its eco credentials and bohemian artsy feel,Ā but the whole town and how each compliments the other. TheĀ entire vibe of the placeā€¦this little idyll, this heaven for book lovers nestled amongst the most breathtaking landscapes. Just bliss!

In a time of grim realities, economic meltdown, political confusion, conflict and war, to be immersed in such a haven is nothing short of magical. There are so few places where the written word is so celebrated. The minute my writer friend and I stepped foot in the town, you could almost feelā€¦

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