Got the hump?

Yes, ‘hump’ day has come and nearly gone – the slide to the weekend begins here!

Found myself emulating a dromedary today, and getting the hump rather too easily. Why is it, that when a bad mood strikes us, we become incapable of applying logic to situations and instead turn ourselves inside out with disproportionate paranoia? Lol! Or is it just me?

It certainly seems that there is a clear partnership between attaining more and actually gaining less.

As western cultures grow richer (despite the dreadful state of all our economies – we still have far more than our grandparents could ever dream of), we all seem to be growing less content, more unhappy, more isolated, more disenfranchised.

As overly simplistic as it sounds – maybe we should all start taking a leaf out of eastern culture’s like Bhutan – where prosperity is measured not in pounds, dollars & euros…but in their nation’s gross national product…happiness!

Here’s a toast…to the glass half full, to optimism in the face of nihilism, to being happier and richer as a result!  😀