Setting the Mood

Another great post here about the craft of writing, this time, how to establish the mood of your piece. Thanks for this, Tricia Drammeh! šŸ˜€

All I Have to Say

When we think about the phrase ā€œsetting the mood,ā€ we generally think about romance, but mood isnā€™t just for romance novels. Itā€™s the authorā€™s job to set the mood in any novel they write. In a horror novel, the reader expects a creepy, frightening setting. In romance, the author needs to set a mood conducive to falling in love. In a fantasy novel, mood is especially important. A novel about magical fairies is going to have a different feeling than a fast-paced epic adventure where the characters set out on a dangerous quest.

How do we set the mood? Of course, setting is important and probably one of the quickest ways to establish mood in a story. The plot, characters, dialogueā€“every aspect of your story helps create that special mood that makes your book unique.

As a writer, how do you set the mood for your writing? Do you listenā€¦

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