A Quick Note On The Vulgar Subject of Money

A great blog post here by the brilliant Joanne Hall, and one that fits in well with my previous piece about writing as a career. NEVER give your work away for free, your time, your creativity, your work is of worth, therefore it deserves to be paid for. Give your work away, and you’re telling everyone that it’s not worthy of being paid for.

Joanne Hall

I’m British, and I was brought up to belive that it’s not polite to talk about money. But I will make this quick point, in response to a company that popped up this morning on my Twitter feed.

The company is called Freesist. I’m not linking, you can Google. It’s a company that, as far as I can gather, helps people find freelance writers who will work for free.

(I’m hoping it will turn out to be a parody account. Even if it does, the following still stands.)

If you are a freelance writer, unless you are very fortunate, what you will mostly get paid is shit-all. Anyone thinking that freelance writers, or writers in general, make squillions is kidding themselves. But writing is work (I know sometimes it doesn’t LOOK like work, when we’re staring out of the window sucking our biros) and work deserves to be paid. You…

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