Dodging boomerangs, celebrating and passing 6,000!!!!

Strange how life throws boomerangs at you periodically.

You get something really great that happens to you and then you get a bunch of obstacles and unforeseen difficulties that get in the way.

How did Dickens describe it? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

It’s just life, eh?

Recently I’ve had one of the best days of my life, my wonderful book launch at Octavia’s Bookshop a little over a week ago, which to my utter delight was a complete sell out! Yes, we sold out of every book in just over an hour!!

Then, despite wanting desperately to publicise and promote my novel and all the wonderful things that have happened, I’ve been struck down this week by severe migraines and sickness! Ughhh…I found myself saying “I don’t have time to be ill!” But of course, your body has a way of saying, “STOP!”

I hate being ill as we all do and I never, never take time off work…but have spent the last few days curled up in bed with the curtains drawn, like some oversized dormouse. Ughhh.

Juggling life, work and stress is tricky at the best of times but throw in illness and it’s a kicker.

So, it is with total unbridled joy that with a bag of frozen peas on my head, I popped onto the computer and saw that my beloved little blog has passed the 6,000 visitors mark!!!

I am SOOOOOOO thrilled and delighted and genuinely touched by all the amazing support I’ve received from friends and strangers a like!

Thank you to everyone who has dropped by this little blog to say hello, to hang out for a while, or just to whizz by. Whether you are frequent visitors or one-time passers-by, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I won’t share my migraines, but I’ll happily share the LOVE!!!!!

Thank you guys! 😀 xx

10 thoughts on “Dodging boomerangs, celebrating and passing 6,000!!!!

  1. Wow!! Congrats on 6,000 visitors Sophie!!! I’m not surprised though this is a really wonderful blog!! 😀
    I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell, 😦 Take it easy, I hope you feel better very soon xx

    • Thank you sweetie! Just overly tired and stressed I think, but am going to bed with headaches and waking up with them. Hey ho! Can’t complain really and thankfully have a week off next week. 🙂

      Cheers honey. 😀 xx

      • Have you tried Syndol it has a relaxant thingy or something in it,you have to ask the chemist for it but it works better than the usual paracetamol you get off the self!! 😀

      • Thanks sweetie. At the mo, I’m on Ibruprofen and Cocodamol for the headaches or Sumatripapan Imigraine for the migraines when they hit…but I’ll that! Need something just to relax my head a bit! 😀

  2. Kate Jack says:

    Get well soon. x 😀

  3. When we work hard, our body, our friend, tells us we must rest. And you worked very hard to get White Mountain on the road.
    I’m looking at those visitor stats in passing. They cheer one day, and disappoint the next 🙂 I’m happiest when I write, and me thinks so are you 🙂

    • You’re so right. If the mind is tired the body follows and vice versa…but often the body wins even if the mind wants to keep going! Just need a good rest I think.

      Absolutely!!! Always happiest when I’m writing and creating! Thanks honey. 😀 xx

  4. Fetched my copy of White Mountain from Waterstones today 🙂
    Part of my bedside reads now. Love the adorable tiny dragons announcing the time jumps.

    • Aww! Thank you, Ashen! I love those little dragons too, I did a detailed version and the silhouette but I think the silhouette works best.

      Thank you so much sweetie, so very kind of you honey. You MUST let me know the second Course of Mirrors is available, I’ll be the first in line! 😀 xx

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